21 Jun 2017

What’s an Assessor in Education?

Assessors support students to gain vocational qualifications using their professional expertise.

What do they do?

          Visit students in their workplace

          Ensures the work meet national occupational standards

          Plan and deliver programmes


          Examine students work

          Give feedback

          Sign of the qualification as complete when all standards have been met

How do I become an assessor? 

Head over to our store and enrol on a course today.

What are the entry requirements?

·         Be competent in your field (the subject you want to assess)

·         Level 2 written and spoken English (Equivalent to GCSE A-C)

·         Basic understanding of assessment

·         IT literate (Internet, Microsoft office)

·         Able to understand and interpret course materials

·         Self-motivated and willing to complete and achieve

·         Have access to people you can assess within the work environment

·         Have access to a qualified Assessor or IQA. He or she will provide the expert witness testimony for your ability to assess learners within the work environment. If you don’t have a suitable expert, call us – we can help.

·         Be working currently within the teaching or training industry, or have access to learners you can assess in a classroom

 Want more info? . Drop us an email – contact@greatachievers.co.uk

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